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Quit Your Job, The Smithsonian Is Hiring A Professional Beer Drinker

Work sucks. It’s cold and boring and sober, pretty much everything I hate about adulting. If only I could have a job where I travel and meet cool people and drink a lot. That would cool AF, but shit like that doesn’t exist. JK yes it does because the Smithsonian is currently looking for a beer historian. Am I dreaming rn?

Jojo Bachelorette

From what I could decipher from the wordy official job description (Chill tf out, Smithsonian. You’re hiring a glorified frat star), the position involves going around the country, learning about craft breweries, tasting their beer and then writing research papers on them. It says you need professional historian/scholar experience, but I wrote papers for a football player I sat next to one semester, so that makes me qualified right? I’m going to say yes.

Kim Kardashian

The best part is it pays $65K and has benefits. Look… 65 grand isn’t what it used to be. I can’t exactly get a house in the Hamptons and a yacht with that. But to just roam around and drink beer all day? I’ll fucking take it.

Amy Schumer Yes Please




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