South Park Parodies Kanye West and It Is Amazing | Betches

South Park Parodies Kanye West and It Is Amazing

By The Betches

Last night's episode of South Park was called The Hobbit, and while upon first hearing that title I thought I'd be subjected to a spoof of a boring fantasy movie I'll never see, it turns out I was wrong...weird I know. Anyway, the "hobbit" turned out to be none other than Kim Kardashian. 

For those of you too lazy to sacrifice 22 minutes to watch the show, basically what happens is everyone kept calling Kim a hobbit because she's really short and hairy in real life, and her image is completely owed to photoshop and the fact that she spends like a billion dollars a year on maintenance. The best part is that Kanye keeps trying to explain to everyone that Kim is in fact NOT a hobbit, but he keeps forgetting the reasons why and has to keep calling her to make sure. We're still not convinced.




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