A Strongly Worded Letter To Women Against Feminism

By The Betches

Dear Women Against Feminism,

“I don’t need feminism [because] I don’t need something that tells me the actions of a slut are okay and then that the possible evidence of those actions can be thrown away like they were like nothing but a clump of tissue.”

That is a quote from your anti-feminist Tumblr “WomenAgainst Feminism.” The first thing we have to say to you is to learn English. What are you even trying to say here? We’re fairly certain you’re attempting a form of slut-shaming, which is awful by itself, but you’re also saying feminists throw away the “evidence” of slutty actions. What evidence? Promiscuity is not a crime, and feminists aren’t out to prove their sexual expression. The reason you even use the word “slut” is probably because you’re ugly and poor and have no choice but to be a prude.

“Patriarchy doesn’t exist. If it did, then we would have no rights. What kind of patriarchy gives women the exact same rights as men? Not a very effective one.”

Where do we even start with this one?

1. The Patriarchy has existed, and still does exist. It existed when women didn’t have suffrage. It exists now, when women compose half of the United States, but less than 20% of Congress. It exists across the world where a woman is killed to preserve a family’s honor after being raped (side note: feminism isn’t just about America).

2. The Patriarchy is not one man. It is not your loving boyfriend. It is not your dad. It is not that guy you’re seeing. The Patriarchy is society’s collective prejudice, intentional or not, against women that is a result of centuries of male oppression.

3. Did you just applaud the “ineffective patriarchy” for giving you rights?

“I don’t need feminism because:

·      I am an adult who is capable of taking responsibility for myself and my actions.

·      I define myself and derive my value by my own standards. I don’t need to be “empowered.”

·      I am not a target for violence and there is no war against me.

·      I respect men. I refuse to demonize them and blame them for my actions.”

That’s fantastic. You sound like a strong independent woman. It sounds like you’re… empowered. Furthermore, you are a target for violence. We’re not saying men don’t experience violence or sexual assault. They do; it’s not to be overlooked. But an overwhelming majority of sexual assault is on women. Why? Because these offenders were raised in a patriarchal society that taught them a woman’s body is not her own, that the way she dresses and acts is consent, and that women are nothing more than sex objects. And we repeat, feminists are not out to demonize men. They place partial faults on the Patriarchy, which does not equal “men.” Fucking, duh.

“I don’t need feminism.”

Comments on this post include:

“now once more with your top off kthx”

“and cover these boobs, you slut! (god, why?)”

“will this woman please make me a sandwich?”

Clearly. Clearly you don’t need feminism. Clearly these commenters are looking at you as a person, not a sandwich making boob thing.

Here’s the thing. Feminists aren’t hairy women hating all men and calling rape on everyone who looks at them. Certainly, there are those people who hate men who call themselves feminists. But feminism is an attempt to help women stand on equal grounds socially and politically with men.

Also, your theme is so fucking basic. Use Couturier, or at least Indy. If you’re saying shit, at least say it with a fucking aesthetic theme.

Very truly yours,

Feminist Betches




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