Study Shows Online Harassment Literally Comes From Losers | Betches

Study Shows Online Harassment Literally Comes From Losers

By Miss Ameribetch

Disclaimer: This study is about gamers, but it applies to SABs everywhere. According to a study from University of New South Wales and Miami University, douchebags who harass women online are literally losers. And we don’t mean “literally” figuratively. Like, they actually lose the games they play.

Sure, betches aren’t exactly gaming away behind their Xboxes, but every bro has a not-so-secret video game addiction. So while we’re not necessarily interested in playing Halo with them until 3AM, we would still appreciate not being heckled if we did decide to play.

The study shows that guys who suck the most at these games take it out on the female players. This is not surprising considering the whole Gamergate fiasco, but it’s still nice to have some validation from science. But we’re sure this doesn’t just apply to gamer dudes, it’s true in all aspects of life. Guy shuts you down on Tinder because you won’t date him? Losing terribly. Just look up Bye Felipe on Instagram.




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