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Suicide Squad: What You Need To Know

By Betch No. 5

There's a new DC Comics movie coming out this year called Suicide Squad. And while this might sound like what you and your co-workers consider yourselves on a daily basis, it's actually a motley crew of incarcerated DC villains who have been tasked with saving the world.

After being imprisoned in Belle Reve, a fictional prison and sanatorium, high-ranking government official Amanda Waller gets tired of seeing the good guys suffer for the crimes bad people commit. Her brilliant solution? Sending villains out to do the good guys dirty work. If they complete said task, their sentences will be shortened or terminated all together. If they take any missteps, they are blown to pieces. Sounds fun, no?

While the world doesn't know much about the world's state of affairs in the movie - executives have tried to keep everything under wraps, especially after the first trailer leaked and some marketing betch at Warner Bros Production got all pissed off about it.

What we do know are the crew of DC characters that make up the Suicide Squad. 





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