Summer Makeup You Can Still Wear in the Fall | Betches

Summer Makeup You Can Still Wear in the Fall

By Betch Du Jour

Even though you've practically been carrying around an IV of pumpkin spice for the past month, fall officially starts on September 23rd. And like every change of season, it's time to upgrade your life, buy new shit, and start planning your vacays around paid days off. What it's not time to do though, is keep pretending like it's summer and try to get away with wearing denim cutoffs and flip flops. Like, GTFO of here with your rompers and crochet top, people are decorating their houses with faux leaves.

Howevz, there are some items in your summer makeup drawer that you can recycle as the season changes. (Note: I don't suggest recycling for real because global warming = more summers = better tans forever). So here are all the classic summer looks you can still wear during the fall without appearing like you are utterly confused by the weather.




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