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The 7 Least Betchy Tattoos and Body Piercings

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Nowadays everyone and their mom has a tattoo and/or piercing. Oh, you went to one Death Cab concert? Better get “I’ll follow you into the dark” tattooed on your wrist. You ran a half marathon? Just get the date tattooed on your foot. Not to mention the entire female population (and some males, thanks Tupac) is rocking the nose stud. Anyway, it’s obvious body modifications are no longer a way to show you’re stickin’ it to the man and more of a sign that you were bored with an extra Benjamin or two laying around. But before you run to the nearest tattoo parlor without passing go or collecting $200 you might want to consider if what you’re about to do to your body is, to put it gently, a really fucking stupid idea. Basically if you decide to sport any one of the following piercings/ink, you can’t sit with us.

A lot of people say that what someone does to their body is none of my business. And to those people I say, well you’re clearly not a Republican. Also if I have to look at your “NO RAGRETS” face tattoo every day it suddenly becomes very much my business.




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