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A Breakdown Of Taylor Swift's 1989 Album

By Cleobetchra

By now, everyone knows that T. Swift is dropping her fifth album in October. In true Swift fashion, Taylor announced '1989' on some Yahoo chatroom livestream thing. Maybe she should’ve called it ‘2002?’ Since then she's been all over the airwaves with this sick beat 'Shake It Off.' It’s catchy as fuck and I definitely don’t hate it but as with all things Taylor, my feelings about this album are mixed.

First, 1989? I get that it's her birth year but she was also alive for approximately eighteen days of that year and they were spent mostly nude and asleep, so I wonder how much that time influenced her artistically.

This is Taylor’s first official all-pop album except for her last two albums, which were also all pop. Apparently her record label begged her to add few countries songs to please her fan base and she was like “love you, mean it, but no.” Her words. She then talked to Rolling Stone for a really long time about how she has reinvented herself (gotten bangs) and hasn’t dated anyone in a year and a half which is simultaneously impressive and difficult to believe.

Here is an exclusive and reliable breakdown of some of the songs off her new album:

We’ll have to wait until October 27th to hear the full thing and determine exactly which celebrities she is singing about. Until then, let the haters hate hate hate.






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