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Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams Video Is Exactly What You'd Expect From Her

By Cleobetchra

Last night at the VMA’s, Taylor Swift released her Wildest Dreams video. In the vid she’s a brunette actress filming a movie in Africa with a stud actor (Scott Eastwood - child of Clint). There some sexual tension between her and actor, obviously, and later at the movie premiere, he shows up with a fiancé and Taylor is crushed and runs out.



The whole thing is just about as dramatic as you’d expect from Taylor Swift and a song called Wildest Dreams, so pretty dramatic. But after her more demure (read: boring) video for Style, it’s a welcome change. So basically the whole thing is pretty standard T Swift. Ridiculous but also secretly amazing.

But hold up, plot twist: Africa. Didn’t know Taylor was into the continent or animals or aviation, but apparently there are a few things we don’t know about the girl. The whole video is cut with shots of elephants, giraffes, boars (?), lions and zebras. At one point Taylor flies a two man plane over some animals running all wild and free. At the end, the video announces that all the proceeds are going to African wildlife preservation, so: Charity Taylor.

Overall it’s an entertaining video, which is what she is, an entertainer, so like, it works. Thanks Tay. What works a little less is you as a brunette.




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