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TG We All Survived The 2015 Seamless Outage

By Queen Elizabetch

To all the betches living in New York: It's going to be okay, the GrubHub and Seamless outages are over.

Both GrubHub and Seamless massively fucked up this weekend. The websites didn't send orders to restaurants, didn't deliver most people's food, charged credit cards anyway, and didn't provide any customer service. That's the perfect storm of the worst weekend ever: people were hungry, poor, and pissed off. Kind of like me at my cousin's wedding.

Obviously, people on the Internet had absolutely no chill. If you hadn't been blackout drunk last night, you would've seen everyone losing their shit on Twitter and using every food related gif ever created. The world's worst social experiment that threatened half of NYC with mass starvation seriously screwed everyone. Why do bad things happen to good people?






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