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The BEST Collection Yet is Now Available at Shop Betches

By The Betches

Fancy yourself a luxe betch? Then you'll love the brand new Luxe Collection 2015 at Shop Betches. 

High fashion just got betchier. So what's new? 


Our new sweatshirts and tees use a material that is luxe enough to soften even the Betchiest girl. Not only are the sweatshirts so soft you will LIVE in yours but because the tees are made of part modal and part cotton, they're softer than any tee we've ever carried in the shop, have a more pronounced scoop neckline to show off your collarbone, and we'd like to point out that they're ridic flattering. 


This new unique pocket, located at the neckline, is perfect for discreetly stashing money, cards, ID, lipstick, or a dime bag, because it can actually fit it. Now, instead of stuffing something in your bra, you can keep it in your sweatshirt!

PSSST, if you order these, you will get an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak into the NEW Betches makeover!!! Which means new Betches Love This logo (or will it be called something else?), new slogan, and entirely new shop packaging. This is a once in a lifetime, more than 150 likes kind of opportunity. Truuuuuuust us.

Here are all the new styles: 




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