The Best TV Forbidden Romances | Betches

The Best TV Forbidden Romances

By Blackout Betch

Every betch loves a good forbidden romance. It makes Sunday morning regrets less painful when the POTUS is having an affair that his wife clearly knows about. And watching fictional couples make out in hidden corners when they really shouldn’t be somehow validates all of our shitty decisions.  

The following TV couples give us hope that all of our encounters with bros will be just as thrilling and filled with sexual tension. Unfortunately, the guys we’re dating are literally the furthest thing from McDreamy. A brain surgeon with hair better than any other human on the planet is a far cry from a frat guy with a dad body.

Fuck it. We’ll keep pretending– it’s better than being a delusional dater who actually believes her office romance is hotter than anything Shonda Rhimes could come up with.




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