The Best Workouts For Your Summer Bod | Betches

The Best Workouts For Your Summer Bod

By Betchen Wieners

So, summer is well on its way and if your summer bod isn’t in prime condition, it’s time to start some serious conditioning. If you are spotted wearing loose-fitting clothing and/or jeans during the summer months, you might as well wear a sign telling everyone you neglected your gym duties and are now paying the price. So what if you let yourself go a little over the winter months? That’s what sweatpants and Uggs are for. However, that is no excuse to continue putting off exercise. You may not have a lot of time, but there are certain work outs you can do to expedite your summer body. This is not a time to take up running or invest in yoga…those thighs aren’t gonna tone themselves. Here are a few ideas for you to get in shape…at least by the 4th of July.




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