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The Betches' Guide To Who To Follow On Instagram

By Betches Staff

It’s the first thing you check before drinking your venti iced coffee in the morning and the last thing you check before bed, even on your most blackout nights. As a betch, you spend a lot of time scrolling through your Instagram feed. You hit the 11-like mark in less than three minutes (sigh of relief) and you know your filters better than the 50 states. Your average convo with your friends consists of, “Guys, should I try to be artsy with the new Juno filter or just stick with Valencia? And if you even suggest toaster, you can walk home, bitches.”

Every betch knows that what she posts on Insta shows the world how much better her life is than yours. Let’s be real: did you even go to brunch at Barney’s if you didn’t Insta your mimosa with a Fred’s geotag? Did you even celebrate Fourth of July if you didn’t post a group pic of you and your friends in American flag bikinis? Did you even go out last night if you didn’t post a drunk selfie with Rif Raf paint on your face? And more importantly, did you even pregame if there’s no red cup in the picture?!

You get the point. Instagram is our way of knowing what other people are up to, and more importantly, letting the world know what we’re up to. But what most betches don’t realize is that who you follow is just as important as what you post. Wondering which accounts are betchy enough to take up space on your feed? Here’s a few staples for your follow list.




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