The Dos and Donts of Comforting a Single Friend | Betches

The Dos and Donts of Comforting a Single Friend

By DrunkEyesFullHeart

Do you ever notice that the people trying to give comforting and optimistic advice to single people are usually individuals in relationships? Like since they have managed to bag a poor soul into being exclusive with them, they’ve acquired this all mighty knowledge on the topic and find it necessary to embark wisdom on those “less fortunate” that aren’t wifed up.

Just as those in committed relationships sometimes get sick of their significant other and need to rant, sometimes single people have a lapse in judgement and convince themselves they’re unhappy being single and they will never find someone to love them and will be a lonely cat person forever. *Deep Breath* When a single friend needs to be talked down from a mental breakdown about forever being alone, there are certain things you can say, and certain things that are a surefire way to get kicked in the shin.




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