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The Hills 10th Anniversary Special Was Just A Bunch Of Shit We Already Knew

Just in case your grand little’s rush pics don’t make you feel old enough, here’s a little mind fuck for ya. The Hills came out 10 years ago. Jesus fucking Christ, I’m a dinosaur. Say what you want about it being stupid or fake or whatever, but shit was legendary. First, Lauren Conrad was like a modern day, blonde, Aristotle-level philosopher. And I’m not even exaggerating rn. I mean, the “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you” line? That has got to be one of the best moments in TV history. Also, the gifs we have now because of The Hills are fire.

Lauren Conrad The Hills forgive and forget

To celebrate the big one-oh, MTV decided that instead of calling on the B-teamers, they’d just get LC’s take on it and see where she is now because no gives a fuck about Kristin or Stephanie Pratt. Since you were probs busy watching Bachelor In Paradise (3 hours of Chris Harrison on Monday just isn’t enough), here are the highlights.

Sure, she traded her little BMW for a Porche, but tomato, toe-mah-toe. And when you pair that with a little Natasha Bedingfield? Maybe I cried a little. Idk.




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