The Pros and Cons Of Not Getting Blackout | Betches

The Pros and Cons Of Not Getting Blackout

By The Betches

Let’s be honest, this is about as rare as seeing a betch admit she drinks Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks. But sometimes, VERY rarely, we go out with our friends and stay sober(ish). Maybe we had a rough night before, maybe were the designated driver, and maybe for once we’re not trying to drink on our antibiotics that explicitly say not to mix with alcohol *whoops* Regardless of the reason, there are always perks and set backs to being the Designated Sober Betch....

Disclaimer: While positive and appealing, these points should never be taken serious enough to not go out and drink with your friends on a regular basis. Staying sober while your friends drink is a rare occasion and should never be practiced regularly.




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