The Stages Of A Typical Day As An Intern | Betches

The Stages Of A Typical Day As An Intern

By Blackout Betch

We’re all in the same boat this time of the year. We fucking hate our lives. And more than the usual “I can’t even make it through this day I’m so hungover" hating of life we experience when we can’t skip any more classes during the semester. No, this is the kind of misery that we’re 100% sure Britney Spears felt in 2007 except we’re supposed to be stable, well-dressed interns.

Next time you feel like shaving your head and attacking the security guard of your building, remember everyone goes through this emotional rollercoaster ride every day and you’re not alone. Where there’s a rich, old CEO counting his millions, there are 10 miserable interns counting the hours until 5 P.M.




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