The State Of The Union Broken Down By Lyrics | Betches

The State Of The Union Broken Down By Lyrics

By Queen Elizabetch

Last night was the State of the Union, and obvi betches don't keep up with the news, but SOTU is a super betchy political event with a built in drinking game (club going up on a Tuesday). Basically all of Congress gets together to hear Obama bitch at them about what he wants to do this year and send hella shade to the people he doesn't like, kind of like a chapter meeting. Seriously though, Obama was like "fuck with me you know I got it" and John Boehner - his overly tanned nemesis with a phenomenal resting betch face - couldn't find a single fuck to give. Sure Obama talked a shit ton about policy and blah blah blah, but the whole point of the event is to set up a really fucked up power dynamic. So it just seems fitting that the major SOTU players be set to rap songs.




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