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The Top 8 Extracurriculars For A Betch

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

For the soon-to-be college betches, you'll quickly learn that there's a lot of stuff to do at school, aside from/in addition to blacking out. Even though betches don't usually branch out, college is one of the biggest opportunities you have to explore new things. Between branching out and staying in your dorm playing Candy Crush and pilfering your roommates' cookies all day, it's clear which one is the lesser of two un-betchy evils.

Joining a club or extracurricular activity is one way to ensure you don't eat lunch in the bathroom. The possibilities of random activities you can join are probably endless. Like, my school literally had a swing dancing club and another club where people gathered on the quad and hit each other with foam swords. This is where our guidance comes in. Here are some betchy extracurriculars you might consider joining.

You can check out your school's club fair during orientation, or make friends with an older and wiser betch and just ask her. Be stingy about giving out your email though because once you sign up for a club's email list, they'll harass you to join even after you graduate.




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