The Top Ten Reasons YOU Should Be At 90s Fest | Betches

The Top Ten Reasons YOU Should Be At 90s Fest

By Chic Betch

This weekend in Williamsburg Brooklyn we will be transporting you back to the undisputed greatest decade of all time, the '90s.

The decade when things were so much simpler and all you needed was an episode of Rugrats, some Sunny Delite, and some snap bands to believe that everything was right in the world. This was an era when you truly believed that an orange blimp was a coveted award and getting covered in green slime was an honor up there only with being asked on a date by Nick Lachey.

At the turn of the century, people ACTUALLY believed that we were going to head into some sort of apocalypse, so let's party like Y2K is happening all over again at '90s fest this weekend.

Here are the 10 best reasons to go to 90sFest.

You can get your tickets here now. Watch this video get more excited than a group of kids about to watch an episode of All That!!





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