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The Ultimate April Fool's Guide

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Listen up Betches, we're partnering with Oxygen’s Funny Girls to bring you the best advice on how to pull Betchy pranks today. Check out our advice then catch the series premiere April 7th at 9/8c to watch these Betches in action…They’re pretty damn funny.

All betches love a good mind f*ck. Enter: April 1st, the only day of the year that’s made for betches to mess with people’s heads. Now some of you out there might be saying that pranks are for third graders, but if that’s what you think you’re obv not doing it right. Read our tips to pull off the perfect April Fool’s Day prank.


Do: Plan beforehand. All good things take time, like your Saturday night outfit, and a quality prank is no different. You can't just take whatever stuff you have lying around in your apartment and turn it into a joke on someone else's behalf. You're not MacGyver. You need strategy and supplies.

Don't: Be lame. Anything that you read in a prank book (do those exist?), or any of your dad's ideas are automatic no-gos.

Do: Make it personal. To execute the perfect prank, you really need to get into your victim--I mean, subject's--psyche. What are they most afraid of? Spilling wine on their bougie new white blouse? What are her deepest insecurities? Getting stuck in the friend zone? Find these things, and exploit them. Then you know your prank will cut the deepest. But like, you know, in a totally good-natured way. All in good fun!


Don’t: Take it too far. You don’t have to be the smartest Betch, but use your judgment here. If your prank sends one of your friends to the hospital you will probably be charged.

Some prank ideas include:


That’s all the ideas I’ve got for now since I’m not Ashton Kutcher. Comment with your best prank ideas, or to tell me how sh*tty mine are, idrc.

Take the DD’s number in her phone and switch the contact info for her BBB and SAB. This prank will have long-term effects and just think of the look on her face when the BBB shows up to her door at 2am with a “movie.”




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