There's a New Earth in The Solar System | Betches

There's a New Earth in The Solar System

By Queen Elizabetch

NASA found Earth's prettier, more successful, older sister, and she looks better in a bikini. The Kepler spacecraft has been on a tour of the galaxy taking pics of every thing it sees - ROADTRIP!
Kepler-452b lives in a "habitable zone" around a star like our sun, which is "the region where life-sustaining liquid water is possible on the surface of a planet." That means that it could have water and it could have air, so it could also be home to intelligent life. Somebody call Will Smith, because we might have just found a place with aliens. This new planet is twice the size of Earth, so like it can try Sears. NASA named the planet Kepler-452, which is the NASA equivalent of Kanye naming his son Kanye Jr..



We probably won't figure out if we're about to get invaded by little green men or a step sister from planet weird for a really long time, but this is a pretty BFD.




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