There's Going To Be A Zoolander Sequel | Betches

There's Going To Be A Zoolander Sequel

By Queen Elizabetch

There is nothing more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking and Zoolander is back to tell us why. Get ready to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia, because Will Ferrell confirmed that there is a sequel in the works. Hansel, he's STILL so hot right now, Hansel. ICYMI, Zoolander is the ultimate betchy movie about the world of male models and how they're used for political assassinations. But why male models? I'm not sure what this movie could possibly be about since Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are like middle aged now but IDGAF because Zoolander is absolutely everything. We've been waiting for a sequel for about as long as we waited for Derek to drop Magnum. Here's our some of our favorite Zoolander gifs to remind you of the cinematic masterpiece and imagine the newest addition to pop culture lore.





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