TBT: 9 Things That Will Remind You of School Dances | Betches

TBT: 9 Things That Will Remind You of School Dances

By Miss Ameribetch

It's Friday night, got visions in my head so let the music play... Yep, it's throwback time.  That song makes you think of getting ready to grind on Tony Brandon from English class, because it played on the radio when you were in betchhood, back when people actually listened to the radio and even (ew) called in to request songs.  School dances were a magical time, a time when you could freak dance before Snapchat was invented, slow dance with your crush to KC & Jojo, and sneak Malibu shots in the locker room, all at 7pm on a Friday night.  Here's a list of things that will bring you back to the quad and have you reminiscing about school dances.

Why did these ever go out of style? Is it because they were impractical and fell off as soon as you put them on, or because they made you look like a children's toy? Whatever the reason, we'll never know, but we loved wearing rhinestone tattoos.




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