Things To Actually Not Say While Having Sex | Betches

Things To Actually Not Say While Having Sex

By The Wicked Betc...

Women are great multi-taskers, so you might be able to have a full conversation with yourself in your head while getting it in but, alas, dudes are not that way. Unsurprisingly, they need total focus to keep it up. Who knew?

Last week I was fully click-baited into reading the dumbest online article ever about things not to say during sex. The list included the shocking advice not to call the person by the wrong name, don’t ask “What?” too much, or moan at inappropriate times. Like, no shit. I went to a public middle school, I have some basic understanding of what is and isn’t acceptable in the sheets.

Here’s my legitimate list of things you can probably say vertically but should probs not say while horizontal. Read and learn, betches.




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