The Top Things You'll Miss (and Not Miss) After Graduating College | Betches

The Top Things You'll Miss (and Not Miss) After Graduating College

By Golden Gate Betch

One of the most complex feelings a Betch has is about graduating college. While we don’t usually give a fuck about much, our feelings towards our college experience are some of the deepest, realest shit a Betch is capable of having. However, while college is undeniably one of the best times of our lives, we’d never admit to it being our “peak”--because only Nice Girls peak. Betches on the other hand continue on upwards trajectory in life that takes us from dating SABs to Pros, relying on daddy’s Visa to making (or marrying) our own money, and drinking Smirnoff in our dorm rooms to, well, drinking nicer vodka in our apartments. However, there’s a certain happiness and freedom a Betch experiences in college that she won’t feel again after graduating. If you’re still a student and don't understand, don’t worry. It's like trying to decide between your Prada backpack and your Sketchers - you love your Skechers, but that’s only because you don’t have a Prada backpack (yet). Here are a few things that you will definitely miss and not miss about college.




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