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Things You'll See At A Bernie Sanders Rally

By The Wicked Betc...

I’m sure most presidential campaign rallies tend to go the same way, that is, unless you’re at a Trump rally and get punched in the fucking face. Other than that, most of these rallies are full of fans ready to cheer on their favorite presidential candidate while he or she gives the same hour-long speech they gave in the last nine cities they were in that day.

Don’t ask me how I ended up at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally, but I did. Since it’s the only one I’ve ever been to, some things stood out to me. Here are the things I’m pretty sure you’ll be like “WTF?!” about at one of these rallies too.


Bernie is super popular with millennials. And, you might not want to fathom this, but some millennials are actually old enough now to have kids without being teen parents. If that makes you feel old, I’m sorry. Anyway, there are like a shit ton of babies at these rallies. People know these babies can’t vote, right? It’s just weird to see infants at what you’d assume would be an 18 and up event. It’s like seeing someone with a baby at the bar. They’re too young to be there and it’s kind of killing my vibe.




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