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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Throwing It Way Back

Everyone loves a good throwback Halloween costume, but it’s clear that the most popular choices have become pretty tired at this point. We’ve seen everything from the Pink Ladies (gag) to the Spice Girls (only entertaining to see who gets shafted as Scary) and we’re just not impressed anymore. That’s why we’ve decided to do some digging beyond the usual selections and are now presenting our top costume picks for throwing it way, way back this Halloween:

George Washington

George Washington

Poor George Washington is probably rolling around in his grave at the sight of this election cycle, which makes Halloween a perfect time to pay homage to our fav Founding Father and first President. He’s got amazing RBF, helped solidify the future of modern democracy, and knew how to work a low pony. It’s a costume that really can’t go wrong.

An Old Medieval Woman

Old medeival woman

Say what you want about Game of Thrones being popular, but I have yet to see a truly decrepit medieval woman walking around ANY Halloween party I have ever been to. We’re talking long skirts, head garb and potentially taking it a step further by telling people’s fortunes since you’re most likely a soothsayer. This outfit is begging to be worn this year, quite frankly.

A Pyramid


Mummies get all the attention on Halloween, but what about the pyramids they were buried in? They’re obviously a much cooler accomplishment of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Will this costume be flattering? Absolutely not, but at least you’re showing everyone around you how much you love history which is really the point of Halloween.

The Missing Link

the missing link

Everyone knows that the Missing Link, aka the evolutionary connection between primates and humans, would be hot AF if only we could definitively identify its fossil remains. If your collarbone is any indication, you’ll rock this skeletal look better than any of the people who will inevitably copy you next year.

The Big Bang

the big bang

The Big Bang is the literal definition of TBT because it was the start of the entire damn universe. You actually cannot throw it back any further. IDK the best way to dress up for this, but I assume a lot of fireworks and flare guns would definitely be a good approximation. Plus it's a great way to get you noticed in no time, hello Best Costume Award!




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