Timeless Beauty Advice From Cher Horowitz | Betches

Timeless Beauty Advice From Cher Horowitz

By Betches Staff

The fact that Cher Horowitz is the most influential beauty and style prophet of, like, ever remains an undisputed fact. It’s been 20 years since Clueless first graced the screens of our TV/VCR combos in 1995, but there’s no denying that Cher's insight into the female psyche was unprecedented with its realness. Because Cher Horowitz, not unlike Jesus, had both great hair and was way ahead of her time. She was able to give us some much needed advice on our appearance before we even knew we could grow up to be total Monets. Tbh we were clueless before Clueless and like no offense to our moms, but we basically owe Cher Horowitz our lives. Here are the best and most timeless pieces of advice Cher has so selflessly offered that have stood the test of the time.




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