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The Top 5 Betchiest Grad Programs, Ranked

Some people say that if you don’t want college to end, just go to grad school. Well, these assholes are wrong. Grad school isn’t like college in any way. You’re no longer 18 years old and a size zero whose biggest concern is if the frat boy across the hall thinks she has nice hair.

Grad school is like that annoying, rich aunt in your family who never married, but has some insane job on Wall Street. No one really wants to put up with her, but if you know what’s good for future you will.

It’s 2016 and no one really gives a shit if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. A 17-year-old McDonald’s employee is probably just as qualified for this vague office job you’re applying for.

It sucks to face the music (especially when you’re 23 and get a hangover from 2 drinks), but chances are you have to go to grad school.

Here are your best options to not completely hate your life for the next 3-4 years.

You are not Meredith Grey and that guy in your biochem class is not Derek Shepherd. Stop binge-watching Netflix and realize your life will suck for at least 10 years. We hear being realistic is a part of growing up, but not sure how that works yet.




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