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Top 5 Most Exciting Places To Hook Up

By Blackout Betch

Your grandma always says variety is the spice of life. When she says this she probably means she’ll hit a different spot for the early bird special, but you can apply this old betch’s advice to your own life.

Hooking up with your FWB/almost boyfriend/actual boyfriend (call it what you want IDGAF) in the same place every weekend gets old real fast. That’s why we’ve come up with the best unconventional (AKA great story potential for brunch with your besties) spots to hook up. Beds are for married couples who consider a good time to be watching The Daily Show in a Snuggie with some popcorn. Ugh, we clearly have sooo much to look forward to.

Note: Don’t be dumb AF about this and actually get caught. Any place that has cameras is an obvious no. We won’t pay your public indecency fine and I doubt you can beg your dad to do it either. Some things Dad’s credit cards just can’t cover.




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