Your Ultimate Guide To Shutting Down Trump Supporters | Betches

Your Ultimate Guide To Shutting Down Trump Supporters

By 50 Shades Of Betch

There might be a recount happening, but for now, you still have to deal with all the bullshit your Trump-loving friends and family members throw your way. You might not have time to keep up with the news, so we did it for you. Here’s your easy, fact-based guide to spreading some truth this holiday season.

All of America got to vote and we picked Trump. 

He won the fucked up Electoral College, sure, but he’s currently trailing Clinton in the popular vote by over two million votes. Trump says the electoral system is genius now, of course, but back in 2012 he loved tweeting that the Electoral College was “a disaster for democracy.” Funny, we didn’t know flip flops were in this season. Now he's come out saying that the only reason Clinton won the popular vote was because millions voted illegally. Is there any evidence to support this claim? Of course not! The Leader of the Free World, ladies and gentlemen.





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