Posh Spice Is Launching A Makeup Collection | Betches

Posh Spice Is Launching A Makeup Collection

By Betch Du Jour

Posh Spice—the thinnest and therefore best of the Spice Girls—is ready to share her secrets with the world. Unfortunately, not the ones that reveal how to remain under 100 lbs, or marry David Beckham, but something that's a close second. Her beauty secrets.

Victoria Beckham announced her beauty line with Estée Lauder on Twitter with a teaser video (suck on that Kendall! Ayayayay). The limited edition collection is called VBxEsteeLauder and will hit shelves in the fall.

Just be to sure to remember that easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady. (AKA expect to drop some $$$$$$$ on the over-priced, but absolutely worth it, lipsticks/eyeshadows/whatever.) 




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