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There's a Hoodie That's Basically Xanax for Athletes

Have you ever really needed to calm your nerves before playing in an important sporting event? Me neither, but apparently this can be a huge difficulty for athletes who are actually talented and give a shit about things. That’s why a sportswear startup called Vollebak recently invented a hoodie that aims to solve this problem, and wearing it is basically the equivalent of taking a Xanax.

The hoodie has a mesh covering over the eyes and nose that looks slightly terrifying from the outside, maybe even moreso than the hoodies designed by American Eagle. But from the inside, the mesh visor casts everything in sight in a certain shade of bubblegum pink that supposedly provides an increased state of calm. This is based on the findings of a researcher from the '70s named Alexander Schauss, who discovered that this color pink could lower subjects’ heart rates and reduce their tendency towards violent behavior.

In addition to the pink coloring, the mesh provides a barrier to other people. No one can see into the hoodie, but the person wearing it can see outside at 80% visibility. It also encourages athletes to breathe through their nose, which naturally slows their rate of respiration. All of these design details are meant to support ultimate relaxation, and the hoodie is now selling at $330. I don’t have any big games coming up, but I do need to decide where I’m spring breaking soon, so this purchase might be very pragmatic. 




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