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Watch Katy Perry Go To College

By Queen Elizabetch

So Katy Perry went to the University of Mississippi this weekend for a football game. Totally get it Katy, there is nothing better than tailgating, looking fab in your school colors and getting blackout before 4pm. But like homegirl is 29. This is basically like when that weirdly old bro comes back to his old fraternity and tries to hook up with all the freshmen girls.

Whatever, KT tried to relive her non-existent college years (real question, could she even have gotten into college???) and she got drunk as fuck at a bar. I don't want to be unfair, but Lauren Conrad is 28 and she drinks a glass of white wine at dinner with her husband. Just saying.

So Ms. Perry decides she should chug a beer and then crowd surf. She's also wearing a dress and Miley Cyrus hair nubbins. Look at your life, look at your choices Katy. Watch the vine yourself to see what not knowing your age looks like.


Source: CBS News




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