Betchy Wedding: Cakes vs. Pies vs. Cupcakes | Betches

Betchy Wedding: Cakes vs. Pies vs. Cupcakes

By Betchy Crocker

If you or a bestie are tying the knot soon, there’s a ton of fucking questions and unwanted opinions floating in your life bubble. What kind of dress are you getting? How are you wearing your hair? Did you book a venue? What’s the groom wearing? Omg don’t wear tacky sneakers! Ew my cousin had those invites. Oh, you’re going with THAT for the entrée? Etc.

So, let’s tackle something that doesn’t involve anyone getting super pissed and the bride-to-be cursing out old Aunt Dee at the dinner table over which ribbons she should tie the bouquets with. What will you and your newly acquired man candy cut? A cupcake? A cake? Or a pie?

This one really boils down to season and cost, but let’s get one thing out of the way: the days of multi-tiered white wedding cakes are gone. Even more, multi-tiered wedding cakes with white frosting and a little couple at the top are hella tacky. Like come on, this isn’t 1995. Plus, those cakes can run into the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. They usually don’t even taste that great. They’re boring, and I can’t tell you the amount of guests I’ve seen turn their noses up at a big, hulking slab of white on white cake.




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