What NOT To Do While Abroad | Betches

What NOT To Do While Abroad

By Blackout Betch

We get it. Going abroad is new terrain that betches can’t wait to claim as their stomping ground while blacking out on expensive wine and pretending to know how to speak the language to pick up hot foreign bros. Oh and I guess taking a few philosophy classes or some shit.

This being said it is no reason to break all the rules of being a betch. Just because you are now outside of the U.S. border doesn’t give you a free pass to act like a fugly, delusional loser. No one will want to hear your crazy stories from abroad if your roommate from the trip tells them all about the dumb shit you pulled. What happens in Vegas really never stays in Vegas, so why would what happens in Madrid ever stay there? That's not the way it fucking works so don’t do the following:




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