What The Type Of Drunk You Get Says About You | Betches

What The Type Of Drunk You Get Says About You

By Blackout Betch

The way that your body reacts to large amounts of alcohol isn’t just an indication of your tolerance or your likelihood of alcoholism like they taught you in health class in middle school. Not that you really paid attention anyways – 7th grade you had no idea just how vital tequila Thursday would be to your adult well being.

Studies (the musings and thoughts of betches) show your actions when you start drinking have a direct correlation to your personality type. We know this is a big “fucking duh” connection, but betches love talking about how drunk they were last night so this is just another conversation we can have with our besties about blacking out.

You can look at the positive side of things and be proud of your drunken actions or you can work on managing your next morning regrets. Take it how you want it.




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