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What To Do If Your Pro Gets A Dadbod

By Victoria Betcham

So you’ve been dating this hot pro for a couple of months, maybe a couple of years. When you first met, dude was smoking. You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Fast forward to the present and he looks a little different. Maybe his job has been super stressful lately and he hasn’t had time to hit the gym. Maybe you don’t even recognize him in your first pictures together.

Whatever stage you’re at, it’s time for an intervention. As we have previously discussed, the dadbod is just not acceptable. If women have to live up to the crazy standards that we chase, spending time and money on gym classes, haircuts, highlights, waxes, makeup, and everything else we do to make ourselves look the way we do, there is no fucking way that we are going to let our guys just sit back, relax, guzzle beer, and look prematurely gross. It’s just not possible, my dears.

So here’s what to do if your guy has taken an accidental turn down towards Pudgeville.




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