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What Your Betchy Career Path Says About You

As much as we love not doing work, there comes a time when watching all 10,000 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and being able to drink 9 tequila shots and still order a pizza to the correct address becomes something you shouldn't be proud of.

This isn’t to say that once you have a real person job you should stop blacking out and being the hot, skinny betch you’ve been since day one. There is nothing worse than a girl with a ton of potential who throws it all away and becomes a slave to the 9-5 life.

You will become ugly. You will become fat. Learn how to balance your life or else you will become irrelevant faster than Chace Crawford after Gossip Girl ended. Does anyone ever ask what Nate is doing anymore? Fuck no. Don’t be that sad one hit wonder who fades the second you leave your college town.

Being able to continue this lifestyle you’ve been enjoying since you took a sip of your first Natty Light in your middle school boyfriend’s basement depends on the type of career path you choose.

The more days you’re wearing flats to work, the fewer days you’re drinking Grey Goose.




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