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What Your Choice In Wine Says About Your Future Sorority Position

By LaBetch James

Congrats, sorority betches, on surviving the week from hell (also known as rush). Bid night is over, you have obvi swept Greek row for the best pledge class ever, and your potential new members are so cute you just literally can't even. And new sorority betches? Welcome to the best cult you'll ever join.

During your time in the sorority, you may choose to pursue an elected position. Or if you're like me, you'll be passed over for social chair because you "are a drinking liability." Whatever.

Regardless of the sorority path you may choose, your choice in wine says a lot about your future sorority days. Will you be crowned president? Or will you be the cruel dictator in charge of standards? Time to hit the bottle to find out.

You know how to get shit done. You play the game well, and you're probably more than just a little intimidating. Since everyone in the sorority is too afraid to stand up to you, you're perfect for the role of recruitment chair. And you'll be damned if that door chant isn't just fucking perfect.




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