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What Your Preferred Marijuana Method Says About You

Every betch has a different preferred way to get high when it comes to weed. Just like with alcohol, how you might prefer taking shots over chugging beer, weed comes in all forms and your preferences say a lot about you. Here’s what your toking tells us about you.

You’re an active betch. You love going to music festivals, studying abroad, and doing outdoor shit. If you can swallow it, you will, so you prefer weed gummies over smoking shit. Since your regular drug of choice tends to come in small packages you can eat, you expect the same when it comes to weed. Edibles last longer and give you more of a body high, which means you tend to do them more during the day in a social setting as opposed to chilling out by yourself at night. You’re also quick to fall in love, because when you find someone you like you want to hang out with him all the time right away, until you get bored and move on to the next thing when the high wears off. But despite your quickness to move on, you remember your exes because they were intense and passionate at the time, like your edibles.




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