What Your Pajamas Say About You | Betches

What Your Pajamas Say About You

As any betch that's ever been to a middle school sleepover knows, what you wear to sleep says a lot about you. I mean, you spend a quarter of your life in bed, maybe more if you're lucky. Just think back to camp and how you literally threw a fit to get Paul Frank pajamas because Becca had them. Here's what your choice of pajamas probably says about you.

You're in a relationship and you don't really care what you wear to sleep because you're not spending much time in it anyways. You're probably a well-dressed betch during the day, and the only use you can find for T-shirts is pajamas or the gym. You like to keep things simple, and you're probably a jet-setter and an expert at traveling abroad. That's because you're a practical person that has her shit together.




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