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What Your Recently Used Emojis Say About You

By Betchen Wieners

Ever since the genius development of the emoji keyboard on our phones, emojis have become an integral part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine texting without them. How else could we express our true feelings than with these Japanese animated gems? After becoming proficient in the art of emojis, you will most likely start to see a pattern in your usage. Your recently-used emoji page can tell you a lot about yourself. If they change too frequently, you obviously have no life because you spend the majority of your day crafting emoji stories instead of just regular texting. It’s a lot quicker (and less psycho) to type out “going to the gas station to buy beer” than to spend 3 minutes carefully creating "red car + cloud of smoke + gas pump + dollar bill + clinking beers + winky face with tongue out". Note: if your reply to this is that you could do it in 30 seconds, you’re not helping your case.

Recently, some assholes went on the internet and decided to ruin our lives by letting us know that a lot of emojis don’t mean what we think they do. Supposedly the “poop emoji” is actually chocolate frozen yogurt and the hair flip girl is an information desk person (that’s sexist…why can’t she just be an independent bitch with some attitude instead of some public servant?!) To all of these new  revelations, we say “Who the fuck cares?” We will continue to use emojis as we see fit and interpret them the way we want. So, what emojis should you be using? Which ones should you avoid? Let’s take a look at what your recent emojis say about you…




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