What Your Signature Drink Says About You | Betches

What Your Signature Drink Says About You

By Betchy Crocker

Every time we walk into a bar, there’s a solid chance the first thing you’ll order is something you’re comfortable with. You’re not going for the infused blend of extinct guava and tequila with notes of char smoke—you’re going for the drink that’s defined you since you learned the wonders of alcohol. And that can be pretty fucking telling. Below, we judge you on your drink of choice tell you what your signature drink reveals about you.

Flavored Vodka Shots

Let’s be real—if you go to a bar and the first shit you ordered is ANY kind of flavored vodka, you were the party slut in college. Shit, if you’re still in college, you’re a club promoter. You identify a lot with Snooki and you always rally after throwing up in the club coat check—which is often.




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