What Your Favorite Takeout Says About You | Betches

What Your Favorite Takeout Says About You

By Miss Ameribetch

While you’re perfectly capable of being domestic when you want to be, you’re more of a weekend dad when it comes to cooking. Like, you’re wifey betch on birthdays and holidays, and everything else is takeout or go out. When you’re not eating out, you’re ordering in. But not all takeout was created equal. What you Seamless to your door says a lot about you. Here’s a helpful guide to knowing what your delivery means.

You’re an indecisive betch that takes forever to figure out what you want. You want to explore your options before settling on one. You can’t help it, you just want to make sure you’re not going Solange when you could be Beyoncé. When it comes to dating, you talk to several bros at once and you can see yourself with all of them or none of them, you can never really tell. It isn’t until you realize that everything’s closing and you’re hungry AF that you finally settle on Thai food. All the time. Because it’s the fastest and easiest and you know what you’re going to get.




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