Who Wants to Win a $400 Amex Gift Card?! | Betches

Who Wants to Win a $400 Amex Gift Card?!

By The Betches

We've got a $400 gift card to Amex, who wants it!?!?

You must be thinking, the Betches are giving away $400 dollars instead of going on a shopping spree for themselves? There must be a catch. Surprise, you're right, there is a little catch. It's just you filling out a helpful, not-so-little survey in order to get your chance at winning.

I mean, try to tell us you have something better to do. We know you're probably just pretending like you're busy at your summer internship, but who are we kidding, taking a market research survey for Betches definitely appears way more like fake-work than actually having the Betches homepage up on your computer screen...so you might as well. 

Click HERE to start the survey.





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