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Why Claire Underwood Is The Most Amazing Character On TV

By The Betches

Pretty much everyone with a couch and a friend-of-a-friend with a Netflix account binge watched House of Cards this weekend. Everyone's up to a different episode so it's hard to talk about the season two plot too directly, but the one thing everyone can agree on is that the obsession with Claire Underwood is becoming more universal than gravity or like, the need to take selfies. 

Claire is the epitome of a betch who does whatever the fuck she wants. Giving hand jobs to invalids, partaking in nude photo shoots despite being a high profile political wife, showing up to work to fire the ugly people from her charity, whatever it takes. The two things she doesn't do? Cry, and fuck her husband. She clearly knows that sex and tears are to be used for manipulative purposes only. 

Even though Claire and Frank's marriage is kind of whack, they're totally the Bey-Z of the faux political world. Ignoring the fact that Frank is extremely shady (as does Claire), their marriage is epic and I would literally pay money to inhale the second hand smoke from their window sessions. Is it weird that I find those extremely romantic?

Can you feel the love tonight?

Aside from being a fashion icon and skinny as fuck, Claire shows us that it is possible to cut your hair short and be built kind of like a boy while having a crater in her neck that I cannot stop staring at, and still be SO FUCKING CHIC. She wears the tightest clothes yet always looks classy thereby has figuring out how to dress like a slut without bearing too much skin. I mean, Claire is THE definition of a chic bitch and I'm totally okay with the fact that my favorite character possibly ever is a horrible person who would let someone's fetus literally wither and die inside of them if that's what's required.

At least she has the guts to say it to your face. She's fabulous because she's fucking evil.




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