Why We Keep Fuckboys Around | Betches

Why We Keep Fuckboys Around

By Blackout Betch

There’s no worse midweek feeling than realizing you’ve been hooking up with the same fuckboy for almost 6 months. What have you gotten out of it? Probably some steady sex, someone to drunk text, and an occasional bangover bagel, but beyond that – nothing.

You claim to be the girl who forbids almost boyfriends, doesn’t believe in feelings, and gives your besties in relationships better advice than Dr. Phil. You’re set to graduate at the top of your class, run for president, and take over the world, yet you’re stuck here catching some feels for a bro who probably doesn’t even know how to cook chicken parm or if he’ll graduate on time.
I’m not saying this is acceptable. Because it’s not. You’re a betch and this shouldn’t be happening. But, there are some reasons why it does happen, and even the betchiest rich girl struggles with it.
Here’s why you can’t kick your long-term fuckboy to the curb. When I figure out HOW – I’ll write a book about it and make millions.




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